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Thanks to all who worked so hard for a successful re-election!

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I am grateful for the opportunity to serve on the Rochester School Board, and have been humbled by the confidence in my efforts expressed by families and other members of our school communities. I look forward to continuing to contribute and to see through initiatives that I have led or been intensely involved with:

• Strengthening neighborhood schools and ensuring meaningful parent/family/community input into all school improvement and reconfiguration plans

• Insisting on excellence in curriculum and pedagogy, including culturally relevant, historically accurate and developmentally appropriate instruction and academic support at all grade levels

• Supporting shared responsibility and accountability among all members of our school communities to ensure safe and supportive school climates in which teaching and learning are enjoyable and academically challenging

I believe that high quality public education is a right worth fighting for. In the Rochester City School District, a major effort to develop neighborhood community schools with strong and respected parent and neighborhood support would go much further than narrow “testing and accountability” prescriptions toward establishing high quality and equitable education for our children.

I look forward to many ongoing conversations with a focus on making the changes necessary to transform the Rochester City School District. Please reach out any time.