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High Stakes Testing Proposal on Agenda Aug 23 Board Meeting

High Stakes Testing Proposal on Agenda Aug 23 Board Meeting

Authored by a coalition of leading progressive organizations,* the national resolution against high stakes tests has been endorsed by hundreds of school boards, organizations and individuals.

The resolution has advanced from the Rochester City School Board’s Excellence in Student Achievement Committee for discussion during the Aug. 23 board business meeting.   The draft resolution will be posted prior to the meeting on  For more information

 local draft resolution:  resolution stnd testing for esac july 16 2012


For those interested in commenting, sign up in advance by calling 262-8100.  State that you will be speaking about a BOE agenda item. The BOE will limit you to about 3 minutes.

* Advancement Project; Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund; FairTest; Forum for Education and Democracy; MecklenburgACTS; Deborah Meier; NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.; National Education Association; New York Performance Standards Consortium; Tracy Novick; Parents Across America; Parents United for Responsible Education – Chicago; Diane Ravitch; Race to Nowhere; Time Out From Testing; and United Church of Christ Justice and Witness Ministries



  1. Mary, Your resolution to reduce unnecessary testing is one that I can support wholeheartedly. I would, however, like to see more specifics about an accountability system that would be educationally sound. I believe that the school is the appropriate unit of evaluation. Teachers and schools leaders take the responsibility for the learning of all students.

  2. I agree with Don. This resolution is a good thing.HIgh stakes testing and using bad data to drive decisiosions has gone too far. We do need to provide an alternative assessment/accountability process. It is not unreasonable for people to want to know “Is this a “good” school for my child?


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