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Maggie Rex_n

“I have so much respect for Mary Adams, and am so grateful to have her on the Rochester City School Board. My niece was enrolled in a school that was a terrible fit for her. When my sister moved, I called the Central Office to find out about schools closer to her new home. The progress was agonizingly slow and frustrating. I reached out to Mary because I have known her for several years. Our children are both RCSD students, and we both participated in educational activism. She was able to get my niece placed in an excellent school almost immediately. I assumed, due to past experiences with others in the district that maybe Mary was able to solve the problem so fast because we knew each other. I suggested this, and she was rightly insulted. She said, "Maggie, I would do this for anyone." And I realized immediately that she would. And that is what makes Mary such an important asset to our district. She is passionate about our schools, and about helping every student, and she approaches both systemic and individual challenges with professionalism and compassion. She is a really refreshing change from a culture where it sometimes feels like you have to "know someone" to get what you need for your kids. I'm lucky enough to know Mary, but it wouldn't matter if I didn't. She helps students, schools, and the district at large with the skills of a professional and the attention of a friend. She is knowledgeable, and incredibly well versed about issues that effect our schools and our students. She understands that until we address the root causes of poor performance, namely systemic poverty and racism, solutions will be limited and largely ineffective. She understands the dangers of tying teacher evaluations to test outcomes, and fights for teachers to be assessed fairly. She takes it upon herself to become an expert in these issues. She shares her knowledge and empowers the community to learn about and understand these issues so we can make good decisions for our children and participate in our children's education as allies with each other. She is a dedicated and valuable member of our Board, and our community, and we're lucky to have her."   -- Maggie Rex, RCSD parent